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During production, special attention is paid to the use of natural yarns (100% cotton, cashmere, viscose and Australian merino wool), proportions, workmanship and assembly of products: Maison Kaleidoscope is 100% handmade.

Our commitment to sustainability and transparency is proven by sustainable materials handling. Wool and ostrich feathers are collected without causing harm to animals (by cutting with special scissors, at long time intervals), and waste from production in the form of scraps and loose ends is recycled and does not pollute the planet.

Brand products are produced in small batches (no more than 10 units of each model). 12 highly qualified employees create one unique piece of art within 72 hours, which is assigned a personal passport.

Maison Kaleidoscope does everything possible to ensure that customers, even the most discerning and demanding ones, have access to unlimited opportunities for self-expression - and for this the brand offers the option of developing their own custom-made print, because only the inner “I” gives birth to true style.