Diptych Divine Garden

A return to the time of rock paintings. A journey to the origins, to the feeling of being a primitive man. The understanding of the powerful connection of man with nature is revealed. A diptych depicting the ocean, fertile land, rock paintings and a garden that feeds on the energy of the Earth. A higher energy has settled under the sun – a conductor and a resource of power. Cows, living side by side with humans since ancient times, on canvases in the form of a sacred creature and wet nurses. The red sun is a symbol of life, love is bursting with color on the heads of generous cows, and in the branching interweaving with the luminary, the multifaceted flow of life, the connection of living beings with cosmic and divine forces is communicated.

When looking at this diptych, an awareness of connection with nature is born, a feeling of one's huge heart, the support of higher forces. Literally, the whole world goes towards well-being, leads and protects creatures if there is a great faith in the depths of our soul and heart that helps us to live. It's like this divine garden, shining, striving with energy upward

Painting size: 230х172 cm.

Year of creation: 2022

Technic: Oil

Material: Canvas