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Maison Kaleidoscope

by Katya Kombarova

Female beauty has always been an inspiration for art. It inspires us, helps us to see the world in a new light and experience deep emotions. The aesthetics of female beauty contributed to the creation of a new summer collection "Venus", which was designed to give every woman the opportunity to express herself through fashion and boost her confidence.

The collection consists of 40 items made of premium Egyptian cotton and the finest Italian rayon. The symbol of the enticing Venus is dresses and skirts made of canvas with small flowers. The print is inspired by the works of Henri Matisse. His posters with delicate flowers and smooth lines of petals are a source of inspiration for a new collection.

Bestsellers of the collection are cardigans and suits with poppies. Landscapes of poppy fields became an inspiration. The composition of the print creates the feeling that flowers grow and connect with the energy of the earth and represent an inexhaustible fertile soil for contemplation. The light white Egyptian cotton canvases depict growing poppies, which symbolize the energy of life, fertility and passion.

The most iconic models of the collection "Venus" are the suits "Starfall" with an author's print. These suits consist of a jacket with decor on the sleeves and straight trousers in popular dark blue and blue colors. Where birds soar above the tree branches and the stars represent the twinkle of a woman's gaze.
Thus, Katya Kombarova reminds of the feminine nature, strength and beauty. She lures, she fascinates, she inspires…