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“White Swan” collection

The «White swan» is a spark of the eternal fire of love in crystal tenderness.

The inspiration for the creation of the story was the beautiful love story of Mikhail Vrubel and Nadezhda Zabela-Vrubel, an opera singer, wife and muse of the great creator, the author of the painting about love “The Swan Princess” and the creator of the scenery for “Tsar Saltan”, etc.

The collection embodies the image of the crystal clear tenderness of a woman who aroused a love of incredible strength in the great artist. Love revealed them both even brighter! Feel the energy of the sparks of the eternal flame of love! Embraces of tenderness, a feeling of flight and self-confidence! The “White Swan” collection sparkles with the latest combinations: cashmere, silk, viscose and Egyptian cotton soar on the wings of love in the finest fabrics, enveloping the body in comfort and tenderness. Sensual velvet in the images continues the story of passion, intoxicating with magnetic attraction! Bohemian decor accentuates your personality.

Absolutely new combinations of textures and textures will give you the feeling of a muse who, with one appearance, ignites the eternal flame of love! Ignite the spark of the eternal flame of love in new “White Swan” images from Maison Kaleidoscope!