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The collection reflects the beauty of the riches of the Urals: the radiance of gems, the energy of nature, the cultural heritage of the region. Like a malachite box, it reveals the luxury and uniqueness of a woman. The collection was inspired by Bazhov's tales about the malachite box and the Mistress of the Copper Mountain.

The mythical image of the mistress of the Ural Mountains in a silk malachite sundress as a symbol of the beauty of the Earth's treasures, human wisdom, patronage of people with good intentions. The Mistress of the Copper Mountain, with external charms, turns her gaze to the beauty of the soul, and has the ability to bestow benefits on those who are true to themselves and truly worthy of finding treasures. She comes to the aid only of noble heroes with pure intentions.

New images embody skillful designer ornaments and high-quality materials, thereby instilling in a woman self-confidence and an exclusive look at any event. Be special, like the Mistress of the Copper Mountain from the Russian fairy tale! Feel the powerful support of centuries-old Russian culture behind you and make your wildest dreams come true!