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"sadko" collection

The summer collection is inspired by the epic about Sadko

The enchanting underwater world of "Sadko" with the magical state of the sea king, the gusliar's travels on the ship and the meeting with his beloved in the embodiment of the new flying Maison Kaleidoscope collection in juicy shades of summer.

Touching the fairy tale and the inner state "I am a princess." Foamy waves of gentle decor envelop, the finest dresses shine with overflows of sea treasures in the dance of the sun and the transparent sea. The weightless embodiment of products, like a magical melody of sea nymphs, enchants: multi-colored fish and dragonflies with transparent wings swim and flutter to the enchanting music of love in the vibrations of space.

New Maison Kaleidoscope - the thinnest canvas and combinations of Italian viscose. The play of tandem textures of threads creates a glossy effect, as if precious treasures shine through the water surface. The airy and sparkling products of the Sadko collection, like the touch of waves, bring coolness and shine with a scattering of pearls in the rays of the sun of a magical state.

The Sadko collection will give you the feeling of a revived fairy tale, where dreams come true, with you in the lead role.

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