Cardigan "Underwater kingdom" in cream color with a decor in 3 rows and embroidery with beads

The cardigan is made of the finest Egyptian cotton and Italian viscose. Pleasant to the body, with a silky effect. The pattern is made according to the principle of the golden section - it visually slims and emphasizes the dignity of the figure. The print with a relief fairy-tale castle, where the sea king and the water nymph live, gives the feeling of a revived fairy tale with you in the lead role. The radiance of the lines of the silhouette sparkles, like a scattering of sea treasures in the rays of the sun through the transparent water surface. Bohemian decor, like a gentle foamy wave, relaxes the body, emphasizes the grace of movements and endows the image with an article. In this dress you will feel like a charming queen and an unforgettable appearance is guaranteed.

70% Egyptian cotton, 30% italian viscose

Product care
- delicate dry cleaning in specialized centers;
- iron at low temperature;
-do not tumble dry.

Category: Cardigan

Material: egyptian cotton

Color: beige

Collection: Sadko

Material: italian viscose

Decor: 1 row of feathers

Decor: embroidery

lwh: 400x400x70 mm

Weight: 920 g