Dress "Universe of Passion" in red color

A dress made of cashmere and silk - a tandem of luxury for your comfort! A sensual, tailored dress with a perfect fit. The dress envelops you like a second skin, hugging your body with the tenderness of the linen. The magnetic effect of the play of contrasts of color, silhouette, texture of the canvas - the hearts of those around you will beat faster when they look at you! Red color is a symbol of fullness of life, passion, love. Feel the vibration of vital energy and enjoy every day in a new attractive image!

10% cashmere, 10% silk, 65% viscose, 10% nylon, 5% elastane

Product care
- delicate dry cleaning in specialized centers;
- iron at low temperature;
-do not tumble dry.

Category: Dress

Color: red

Material: cashmere

Material: silk

Material: viscose

Collection: The Swan Princess

lwh: 400x400x70 mm

Weight: 500 g

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