Shirt "Ship of Fortune" in blue color and embroidery with beads

The beaded shirt is made from Australian Merino wool, soft and warm. The loose fit of the shirt will suit any body type. The fabulous pattern of wandering ships, created according to the principle of the golden ratio, slims and emphasizes the dignity of the figure. The combination of textures, contrast of shades, and the shine of handmade embroidery create a magnetic effect - you want to be watched and studied with your eyes. The decoration of fairy tale ships takes you on a journey through a personal fairy tale with you in the leading role. An oversized shirt will warm you up in cool weather as outerwear, and will also decorate your look in cold weather instead of a sweater under a jacket. Feel special by combining fairy tales with a designer print, awakening your inner radiance from traveling through life and receiving compliments from others in a new look!

80% Australian merino wool, 20% polyamide

Product care
- delicate dry cleaning in specialized centers;
- iron at low temperature;
- do not tumble dry.

Category: Cardigan

Category: Jacket

Color: blue

Material: merino wool

Collection: Firebird

Decor: embroidery with beads

lwh: 700x400x50 mm

Weight: 900 g

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