Trousers "Tenderness" in green color

Straight trousers made of Italian viscose and premium cotton. Silky to the touch and soft, straight-cut trousers with straps will suit any body type. The contrast of yarn textures envelops the body with tenderness - tactile pleasure! The pattern is made according to the principle of the golden ratio - it slims and visually elongates the silhouette. Attracts attention by moving in time with your movements. Feel special by combining art with designer ornaments, light your eternal flame of love and be a center of attraction for compliments! The trousers are suitable for every day, for travel, and also fit perfectly into your basic wardrobe.

30% Egyptian cotton, 70% viscose

Product care
- delicate dry cleaning in specialized centers;
- iron at low temperature;
-do not tumble dry.

Category: Trousers

Color: green

Material: viscose

Material: egyptian cotton

Collection: The White Swan

lwh: 400x400x100 mm

Weight: 510 g

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