Cardigan dress "Fabulous flowers" in pink color with decor


Cardigan wrap dress made of Italian viscose and premium cotton. The versatile outfit emphasizes the beauty of the leg line with a piquant cut as a cardigan, as well as the elegance of the waist and neckline when worn as a wrap dress. The depth of the neckline on the dress can be easily adjusted. A piquant cut on the sides gives a romantic mood. The perfect fit of the product, comfortable length and flowing silhouette are a sensual decoration of your image. The thinnest fabric cools, creates a meditative effect, gently touching the body - tactile pleasure! Bohemian decor, like the flapping wings of a bird, gracefully floats in time with your movements. The pattern is made according to the principle of the golden ratio - it slims and visually elongates the silhouette. The ornament is inspired by the rich colors of a blooming garden. Fairytale flowers are a symbol of femininity, dreams come true and abundance. Feel like the main fairy flower of your day and attract compliments! The cardigan is ideal for a basic wardrobe for the city and can be combined with both jeans and a skirt. In the form of a wrap dress, it will decorate your exit on a special occasion. As a tunic, it will make you the main character of any trip to hot countries.

30% Italian viscose, 70% Egyptian cotton

Product care
- delicate dry cleaning in specialized centers;
- iron at low temperature;
-do not tumble dry.

Category: Cardigan

Material: egyptian cotton

Material: italian viscose

Color: pink

Collection: The White Swan

Decor: feathers

lwh: 600x450x70 mm

Weight: 800 g

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