Sweater "Forget-me-not" in denim color

Sweater made of premium cotton, viscose and Australian merino wool - original composition for your comfort! Lightweight, soft and warm sweater in a comfortable length. The loose fit allows room for movement, and the v-neckline accentuates the beauty of the collarbone line. The combination of textures envelops the body in tenderness. The pattern is made according to the principle of the golden ratio - it slims and visually elongates the silhouette. Magnetically attracts attention, moving in time with your movements. The dance pattern of forget-me-nots symbolizes the eternal values of these flowers - love and life. There is a belief that angels scatter forget-me-nots across the earth so that people remember their roots. You too will be unforgettable in this outfit - in the enchanting flow of the ornament of delicate buds blooming, you will want to smile and flirt more! The sweater will become a favorite item in your wardrobe for a special occasion and will fit into your basic wardrobe for every day.

30% Egyptian cotton, 30% viscose, 24% australian merino wool, 6% polyamide

Product care
- delicate dry cleaning in specialized centers;
- iron at low temperature;
-do not tumble dry.

Category: Sweater

Color: blue

Material: egyptian cotton

Material: merino wool

Material: viscose

Collection: The White Swan

lwh: 450x450x100 mm

Weight: 400 g