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«Moroshka» collection

The charm of the spring of the north.

In the beauty of the amber shades of cloudberry berries, in the sensual velvet textures, as if in the embrace of the leaves of the royal berry, in the juicy colors of the blossoming nature and feminine silhouettes, the story of a woman's connection with the energy of the north is born.

There is a legend that only a person with a kind heart can find cloudberries. For the finder, a berry soaked in dew becomes a talisman, heals and grants spiritual peace. The women of the northern peoples pass cloudberry places from generation to generation as a symbol of protection of the hearth and personal happiness. Cloudberries are the first gifts of the gentle sun after a long winter. A welcome treat for royalty and poets.

The collection conveys the energy of the spirit and wisdom of the north, paying attention to the inner resource of a woman, protecting it.

Discover all facets of the spring charm and beauty of your heart with Maison Kaleidoscope.

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