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Cardigan "Lion"

Cardigan Lion from the collection «Royal Family» made of Australian merino wool. Cardigan is inspired by the Lion King of the beasts. They live in packs - prides, like the royal family. This cardigan is a way to emphasize a strong family relationship of your family and reflect the love of the Royal family.

65% Australian merino wool, 15% angora, 20% polyamide

Product care
- delicate dry cleaning is allowed in specialized centers;
- hand washing is allowed at a temperature not exceeding 30С with the use of soft washing means;
- do not bleach;
- iron at low temperature;
- dry on a horizontal surface at room temperature away from heat sources and direct sunlight;
- do not dry in a drying machine.

Category: Cardigan

Sale: Yes

Material: merino wool

Color: black

Collection: Royal Family

Collection: Saison Russe