Merino wool Cardigan Ballet in blue with three rows of decor

Cardigan "Ballet" made of Australian merino wool, soft and warm. The pattern of the cardigan is inspired by the image of Serov's poster with ballerina Anna Pavlova for Diaghilev's Ballets Russes in Paris.
The luxury of the cloud decor gives your image a special beauty. In this cardigan, you will definitely be the center of attention!

65% Australian merino wool, 15% angora, 20% polyamide

Product care
- delicate dry cleaning is allowed in specialized centers;
- hand washing is allowed at a temperature not exceeding 30С with the use of soft washing means;
- do not bleach;
- iron at low temperature;
- dry on a horizontal surface at room temperature away from heat sources and direct sunlight;
- do not dry in a drying machine.

Category: Cardigan

Material: merino wool

Material: angora

Decor: 3 row of feathers

Color: blue

Collection: Saison Russe

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